Tuesday, July 29, 2014

During my divorce, what am I responsible for doing?

Excerpt taken from Steven N. Peskind's book titled, Divorce in Illinois: The Legal Process, Your Rights and What to Expect.

Your attorney will explain what actions you should take,
but consider the following:

• Keep in regular contact with your attorney. Get a new
password-protected e-mail address to communicate
with the attorney. Make sure you check your e-mail
• Update your attorney regarding any changes in your
contact information, such as address, phone numbers,
and e-mail address.
• Avoid any major decisions (like selling an asset or
moving in with a boyfriend or girlfriend) without first
advising your attorney.
• Provide your attorney with all requested documents
and information promptly.
• Complete forms and questionnaires. Confirm with
your attorney any deadlines for completion.
• Appear in court on time and dressed appropriately.
• Be direct about asking any questions; you are not
bothering your attorney if you have a question.
• Tell your attorney your thoughts on settlement or
what you would like the judge to order in your case.
• Remain respectful toward your spouse throughout the
• Be respectful to your attorney and his or her staff (we
all have crabby days but they are there to help; don’t
take out your frustration on them).
• Scrupulously comply with any temporary court orders,
such as restraining or support orders. Notify your
attorney immediately if you are unable to comply with
the order.
• Advise your attorney of any significant developments
in your life or your case.

By doing your part, you enable your attorney to partner
with you for a better outcome while also lowering your attorney
fees. If you don’t cooperate with your attorney, he or she may
fire you as a client, causing you the expense and inconvenience
of starting over with another attorney.

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