Friday, November 9, 2012

What would Atticus do?

I just got my tickets to see "To kill a Mockingbird" at the local IMAX theater. I have seen the movie 100 times but never at a theater, much less an IMAX. After I got my tickets I started reflecting on the draw of this film. What is it about this movie that is so compelling? Obviously, a great morality play is at the heart of the story. This is probably why I love westerns as well; there are clearly defined good guys and bad guys. 

But there is more here in the character of Atticus Finch. I suppose what keeps drawing to this film at this point in my life is a desire to emulate Mr. Finch. I know I am not alone and people worldwide have been drawn to this character. He stands for all that is right and true, something we would all like to be.  He does the correct thing, regardless of personal cost. Atticus deals with problems quietly and with dignity. He confirms that strength and kindness are not mutually exclusive. And while he is slaying dragons during the day, his ultimate joy comes from his children.  I guess remembering this from time to time helps keep me centered in my world of perpetual conflict. Thank you Mr. Finch!

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