Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why Family Law?

Clients often ask me, incredulously, how can you do what you do? My typical response is that I am not getting a divorce, so it doesn't affect me the same way it does them. Regardless, they still sometimes suspect that I may be a masochist for choosing to work in an area as emotional as family law.

Why do I do it? I marvel at the human condition: I am fascinated by the intersection of law and society, dwelling largely in family court. We live in an era that is redefining the nature of the family, parenthood, and people's rights of access to children. No other area of law allows you to see society literally recreating itself daily.

Through my work, I've observed heroes and scoundrels and have seen the response they each elicit from the legal system. I've seen the graciousness of some juxtaposed by the pettiness of others. I don't need to read Shakespeare to understand human drama; it is played out before me in every case I have. I thrive on helping people through the difficulties of divorce, focusing them on positive aspects of their life rather than dwelling on their temporary misery. There are few rewards as great as helping those in pain survive their ordeal and ultimately flourish.

Undoubtedly, I see sadness and loss, despair and frustration. But I also see healing and growth, hope and contentment. Family law gives me the opportunity not only to witness the multifaceted human experience, but to shape it as well. This is why I am a family lawyer.

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