Friday, June 21, 2013

New book "Divorce in Illinois," coming out later this summer

My new book, "Divorce in Illinois" will be published by Addicus Books later this summer. 

Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

"Lawyers have a vital and important role in helping you through the process. Unfortunately, if you get the wrong lawyer, it may affect you the rest of your life. I have a friend who once told me clients and their lawyers often resemble each other, not physically but temperamentally. Angry people get angry lawyers, and smart people get smart lawyers, etc. There may some truth to this anecdote. Even if you are angry––and at least initially you may have a right to be angry–––find a lawyer that will help moderate your emotions rather than exploit them. Lawyers that jump at your command, and don’t discuss the consequences of poor decisions, are not doing you a favor. While it is empowering to have a personal attack dog, you will be left with the consequences of  your poor choices long after that lawyer is gone. Find an emotionally mature lawyer that will help you make good decisions. This doesn’t mean that you need to be passive and accept whatever your spouse throws at you. Just the opposite: Don’t be a victim! But by the same token, choose your battles wisely with the help of a thoughtful and experienced divorce lawyer."

The book is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of divorce in Illinois; answering your questions on the various aspects of divorce: child custody, property division, taxes, child support and maintenance.

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