Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My spouse and I both want our divorce to be amicable.

Excerpt taken from Steven N. Peskind's book titled, Divorce in Illinois: The Legal Process, Your Rights and What to Expect.

An amicable divorce is not always possible, but all should strive for one. An amicable divorce will not only make your lives easier and save you money in attorney fees, but will result in an outcome you both are more satisfied with. Lower-conflict divorce will help you transition more easily after the divorce.
Find a lawyer who understands your goal to reach settlement and encourage your spouse to do the same. Some lawyers are incapable of compromise, so when you research potential attorneys, try to determine whether a particular attorney can work cooperatively with the other side. Personal references from former clients are always the most insightful. Lawyers who can’t compromise are not likely to help you settle your case amicably.

Be proactive: compile and provide all necessary information to your lawyer and urge your spouse to do the same. Then ask your attorney about the options of mediation and negotiation for reaching an agreement. Even if you are not able to settle all of the issues in your divorce, these actions can increase the likelihood of agreement on many of the terms of your divorce.

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